5 tips for container gardening


1. Avoid containers that are too small.

They do not hold enough water for your plant and its roots won't have enough space.


2. Your container must have drainage holes

So the water drains properly. They must be large enough to let excess water run off, but make sure they retain enough moisture If your soil is too wet, let it dry down before watering your plant again.


3. Use a growth supplement such as MYKE FLOWER

To protect and improve your plants' health. Simple and easy to use, it promotes faster growth and reduces watering needs. Just add this natural mix to your soil when you plant. Quick results guaranteed!


4. If you choose different plants for the same container

Make sure they have similar needs. For example, if two plants do not have the same sunlight requirements, one of them will inevitably suffer more than the other.


5. Make sure your plants get used to outdoor conditions

Whether started from seed or not. Over a period of 6 to 14 days, put your plants outside, gradually exposing them to sunlight, and protecting them from the wind and the cold. Plants bought from garden centers were grown in greenhouses and are unprepared for outdoor conditions. They will greatly benefit from the time you take doing this.




Other Tips

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