Grow your own herbs in original containers

Wouldn't you like to always have herbs close at hand, on your kitchen countertop or patio? Just follow the following tips to create a nice aromatic herb container arrangement.


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In the summer, most herbs can easily be grown outdoors in pots. The least capricious and best adapted to container growing include chive, tarragon, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, savory and thyme. For its part, basil requires more heat and a little more care, while coriander cannot really be grown in a container. Indeed, when coriander is exposed to intense sunlight and that the soil in which it is planted dries out periodically, it quickly goes to seed. Therefore, it is preferable to grow coriander in cool open soil, and to seed two or three times in May and June. If you absolutely want to grow it in a container, make sure its soil is always moist and put it in a moderately shaded area, well protected from the afternoon sun.

You could also choose to plant vietnamese coriander, which is a lot more resistant to the heat and drought. Although some species such as parsley and mint tolerate a light shade, most herbs require a minimum of six hours of light to grow properly. Make sure to put them in a sunny place and to protect them from the wind.

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Instead of using commercial plastic pots, be creative and grow your herbs in salvaged containers such as cans, old jars and cooking pots. You can even use a piece of roof gutter! Just clean it, drill a few drainage holes, and close up both ends with caps, which can be found in a home improvement center. Fill up the gutter with MYKE Potting Mix, and seed or plant your favorite herbs. If you want, you can also add edible flowers such as pansies or marigolds. Finally, give your arrangement a distinctive touch by painting it, decorating it with permanent markers, or covering it with self-adhesive wallpaper. There you go! Now put your mini herb garden on your kitchen countertop, or fix it on a patio wall.


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