Preparing your trees and shrubs in the spring

The following tips will improve the appearance of your trees and shrubs and will make for healthy growth this summer.

Trees and shrubs

  1. Verify what state your trees are in. Often, frost, ice and snow damage branches. Watch for holes in the trunk or cracks in joints, as they can be problematic, even dangerous.
  2. Prune your trees and shrubs. Cut off unwanted branches and growth, and get rid of dead plant material. For your own safety, you may also want to cut off the branches that come into contact with structures such as garden sheds or patios.
  3. As for fruit trees, it is recommended to prune them in late winter or early spring. Make sure to prune them before flowering to avoid causing any useless stress. This could bring on more damages than benefits.
  4. Plant new trees! This summer, add diversity to your garden by planting a new tree species or a different type of shrub.
  5. Spring is the perfect time to plant or transplant, as there is more moisture in the soil. It is important to dig a new hole, several centimeters larger, and to add soil. You may also want to add some MYKE TREE & SHRUB, a natural mix that will extend your plants' lifespan and accelerate recovery following transplantation.

You may also spread mulch around your trees' trunks. Among other things, mulch makes for a better water retention, so the soil dries out more slowly. If you are already using mulch, verify whether some should be added.


Other Tips

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