Cookie Management Policy

This Cookie Management Policy explains how Premier Tech uses cookies and similar technologies on our web sites (including those of our subsidiaries), on our online services.  This policy is supplemented by our Privacy Policy. You will also find information on how to contact us if you have any questions about it.

You can manage your consent preferences at any time to accept or decline the use of various types of cookies, which are not strictly necessary, via our cookie consent manager.

However, if you disable certain cookies and similar technologies, some features may not work as intended. In addition, cookies may have been stored on your browser prior to the setting. If this is the case, you should go to your browser preferences and clear your browser history and cookies from the site.


Who collects my data?

The information we collect about your browsing experience is collected by Premier Tech and its affiliates, as well as by third-party sites that have a role in managing advertising or social media sharing.

The data controller of the data collected from users via the Premier Tech site is Premier Tech Ltd, publisher of the site or its subsidiaries. For any request concerning privacy, please contact us at [email protected]


What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a text file containing data. When you visit a website, the website asks your browser to store information about you on your device, such as your preferences (e.g., language choice), or other information about your device.

Similar technologies also include other elements such as web beacons, pixels, browser fingerprinting technologies, and any technology that stores or accesses information on the user's device.  While this information does not directly identify an individual, it does promote a better user experience.


What cookies do we use?

Optional and required cookies. We use both optional and required cookies. These are listed below. Some of the cookies we place when you visit our websites or applications can be set by you, depending on your choices. 

Internal and third-party cookies. We use both internal and third-party cookies. Internal cookies are set by the website or application you are visiting. Third-party cookies are cookies that come from a different domain than the one you are visiting. They are placed by someone other than us. For example, when we embed a Youtube video on our site. Below is a list of cookies used by third-party companies and the purposes for which they are processed.

Session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the website that generated the cookie. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain on your browser for a longer period of time and are not deleted once you close it.  For example, when you revisit our website, it will remember your language of choice.

Sometimes the same cookie can be found in different categories. So if you choose to disable the cookie in one category and not the other, we will take your choice into account.

You will find below the details of the retention periods of the persistent cookies we use.



Required witnesses not requiring prior consent

  • These are cookies that are strictly necessary for the use of the site and its functionality. The information collected relates to the operation of our website (e.g., site scripting language and security tokens).  They are used solely to effect or facilitate the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network.
  • This information allows us to provide you with the service you have requested. These cookies do not collect any personal data. The use of these cookies is based on our legitimate interest in ensuring the proper technical functioning, access and use of our websites or applications and in providing you with the services you have specifically requested. 
  • These cookies are not disabled by default on our site, as they are imperative for the proper functioning and optimal use of the site, as well as for its commercial existence. It is possible to set your browser to block or alert you to these cookies, but some parts of the site will not work.  If these cookies are disabled we will not be able to provide the service you have requested. If you do not want these cookies, you will not be able to use the site completely. You can object to the use of these cookies by setting your browser settings or by adding an extension to your browser. For most browsers, you can do this by setting your browser preferences to enable the private browsing feature of your browser or by disallowing or restricting cookies in your browser preferences. They do not require your prior consent. Therefore, they cannot be disabled in our systems. 



Performance cookies require your prior consent.

  • These cookies are used to collect information about how the websites are used. For example, which pages are visited the most, whether they receive an error message, and the path taken to get to our website. These cookies are sometimes placed by third-party web traffic and analytics providers.
  • We use the information collected by these cookies only to improve the use of the website by our visitors. The information collected by these cookies is mostly aggregated and therefore anonymous.
  • Most of these cookies can be disabled by setting your browser to accept only cookies from the sites you visit ("decline third-party sites") in your browser preferences. Your browser choice may also affect the setting or refusal of certain cookies. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not be able to improve the website to better meet your informational and/or application needs.


Source of the witness Purpose Witnesses used or any other Premier Tech Growers and Consumers site visited Provide anonymous statistical audience data (number of pages viewed, number of visits, etc.).  First Party
Google Analytics Universal We use Google Analytics Universal to analyze user behavior, which allows us to improve our website.  First Party
Google Analytics 4 We use Google Analytics Universal to analyze user behavior, which allows us to improve our website.  First Party
Wistia We use Wistia to do behavioral analytics of videos and to improve them.  First Party
Hotjar We use Hotjar to analyze user behavior and improve the website.  First Party
Jivochat We use Jovochat to interact with visitors via live chat and thus offer direct assistance to visitors.  First Party
Salesforce We use SalesForce to enable live chat improvements.  First Party



Functional cookies require your prior consent.

  • These cookies are used to remember the choices you have made, for example, to provide you with offers based on the country from which you visit our website.
  • We use these cookies to allow you to personalize your browsing experience and make your visits more personalized and enjoyable.
  • If you do not allow these cookies, some or all services may not function properly. 

We do not use any such tools.



Targeting and marketing cookies that require your prior consent. 

  • These cookies record your visit to our website, the pages you visit and the links you follow. This information is shared with third parties as described below.
  • We may use this information to provide you with content tailored to your interests and to measure the effectiveness of marketing or information initiatives.
  • These are optional cookies. If you block these cookies, you will receive less targeted advertising. If you block these cookies, you will receive less targeted advertising, but you will receive generic, non-personalized ads that have little to do with your informational needs.



Source of the witness Purpose Types of Witnesses We use LinkedIn to get personalized ads or personalized content on LinkedIn. Third Party We use Youtube to get personalized ads or personalized content on Youtube. Third Party
Google Ads We use Google Ads to generate personalized ads on the Google advertising network. Third Party
Google Analytics Universal  We use Google Analytics Universal to build audiences and track the performance of Google Ads campaigns.  Third Party
Google Analytics 4 We use Google Analytics 4 to build audiences and track the performance of Google Ads campaigns. First Party
Pinterest We use Pinterest to arrive at personalized ads or personalized content on Pinterest. Third Party
FloodLight (Google) We use FloodLight to generate personalized ads on the Google ad network. Third Party
Twitter We use Twitter to get personalized content on Twitter. Third Party

Below is a list of cookies used:



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