Gardening: Spring to-do list

Good news! Spring has officially arrived. The days are getting longer and there is more and more light every day, for our greatest pleasure. In a few weeks, the cold will be behind us and we can start gardening outdoors.

In the meantime, for those too eager to wait, here are a few suggestions of things to do before the warm weather sets in:

  • Plan your garden: this season, start thinking about your garden layout. Choose the vegetables you want to plant and where you will plant them. If you are planning to start seeds, you could do a little shopping online.
  • Plant seeds! It's a great way to start gardening early, and an economical one as well compared to buying plants. Planting seeds allows you to monitor the growth of the plants that will eventually occupy your garden.
  • Inspect your gardening tools! Open the garden shed and verify what state your trowel, rake, spade, garden hose, etc. are in. It's a good time to clean and sharpen them, and a good way to ensure everything you may need is ready for use.
  • If there is little snow on the ground, start pruning your trees and shrubs, and cut off dead branches or those that were damaged by the snow or frost.
  • As soon as the snow has gone, remove all surface debris around your perennials, taking care not to damage emerging seedlings. You may also want to cut last year's perennial growth at ground level.
  • Start with planting vegetables that can more easily deal with cool temperatures, such as radishes, lettuce and onions.
  • Plan your annual flower arrangements. Whether in pots, flowerbeds or elsewhere, this year, add colour to your garden! This summer, the Pantone Color Institute's official colours are "Rose Quartz" and "Serenity". Visit your garden center to find the perfect flower arrangements to enliven your garden and impress both neighbours and friends!

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