How to Compost Leaves

How to compost leaves

All those leaves trees shed in the fall don't have to end up in garbage bags by the curb. Want to put them to better use? Make compost! Here is how in a few simple steps.

  1. First, build a leaf bin if you don't already have one. A few wood pallets assembled together will do the trick. There is no definite size but make sure it's big enough for your need. And remember that good air circulation is important!
  2. Only use leaves that are free from pests and diseases. Almost all leaves will work, but oak and beech leaves work best.
  3. Cut your leaves into little pieces using a shredder or lawn mower. This way, they will break down faster. It will also make them easier to handle.
  4. Your compost pile should be built in layers: one layer of shredded leaves, one layer of a nitrogen-rich ingredient, and so on. Fresh grass clippings are easily accessible to most gardeners, but other nitrogen-rich ingredients like coffee grounds (though you may not have as much at hand) or natural supplements (dried blood, bone meal) will work too.
  5. Make sure to wet each layer as you make your pile. It should always be kept moist, but not soggy.
  6. Finally, turn your compost pile every three days or so to incorporate oxygen, as it is also crucial to the whole process.

It's that easy! Now be patient, you should be able to use your compost in about a year.


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