How to grow your own herbs

Anybody can grow herbs in containers, even if you do not have a green thumb! Here are 6 useful tips to succeed:

1. Plant herbs that you like. This may sound obvious but harvesting and eating the fruit of your labour will be all the more gratifying.

2. Mixing herbs together: not all herbs can be planted together as they do not necessarily have the same needs. For example, mint and tarragon hardly tolerate having any neighbours and should therefore be planted separately.

3. When transplanting, use a growth supplement such as MYKE VEGETABLE & HERB to obtain superior growth in a natural and very effective way. This mix allows for a better germination of seed.

4. Water on a regular basis: unlike house plants, which often only require watering once a week, herbs should be watered lightly every day or every other day.

5. Container with drainage holes: make sure the containers you use have drainage holes. They will let excess water run off and will ensure there isn't too much water in the soil, which can be harmful.

6. Sunlight: most herbs require a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. Indoors, put your containers near a south-facing window.

A great way to add a little taste to your meals while eating healthily!


Other Tips

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