This Winter, Protect Your Plants With Burlap

This winter, protect your plants with burlap

Most plants will benefit from a little protection against the harsh winter weather. One simple and effective way to give it to them is to cover them with burlap. Here is how to proceed:

  1. You'll need wood stakes and burlap. Burlap rolls are easier to work with, but bags are fine too. Count 3 to 4 stakes per plant. Their length will vary depending on the plant to cover.
  2. Place the stakes around each plant, leaving a few inches between the plant and the stakes.
  3. Drape the stakes with a double layer of burlap and secure with staples.
  4. Remove the shelters in the spring, when all danger of frost has passed.

Covering your plants with burlap will protect them from the damages of snow, ice, frost, winter burn and salt. A few minutes of your time now could prevent a lot of problems later. Your plants will thank you!


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