Tools that Make Gardening Easier

A gardener watering her potted plants

A scuffle hoe, also known as a weeder or hoop hoe, has an open, looped blade that allows you to remove weeds by dragging the blade just under the surface of the soil. This tool makes short work of weeds by chopping them at their base. Small, just-sprouted weeds disappear in no time flat.

For many gardeners, a hori hori knife is one of the most important tools in the arsenal. Also known as a Japanese gardeners knife, a hori hori knife is a combination trowel and knife with one smooth edge and one serrated edge. This all-in-one tool cuts through fibrous roots, plants bulbs, divides perennials, and allows you to navigate in narrow spots. The tool comes complete with a sheath that hooks to your belt.

If you haven’t considered a gardening apron, it’s time to give one a try. A gardening apron holds nearly everything under the sun, including a trowel or hori hori knife, pruners, cell phone, seed packets, measuring tape, and much more. Most aprons are constructed of washable, sturdy, water-resistant fabric.

A kneeler protects your tender knees from muddy, hard ground and alleviates strain on your joints and back. Kneelers are also just the ticket if you’re tired of stains on the knees of your jeans. Flip the pad over to a stool if you want to take a break. Many are foldable and easy to store.

A hand leaf rake is similar to a typical rake with flexible tines, but it has a short handle. Use this handy gadget to pick up leaves and garden debris around perennials or other tight spots.  Similarly, garden hand rakes have solid tines that work well for removing weeds or rocks from small spaces.

Compression gardening gloves are lightweight gloves with mild compression that keep your hands clean and dry while minimizing tired, aching fingers. The gloves have silicone tips that make it easy to grip garden tools. Open-fingered compression gloves are also available.

If you have a small garden or limited storage space, a foldable wheelbarrow may be all you need for carrying pulled weeds, a small amount of leaves, a bag of potting soil or compost, or enough mulch for pots or a small flower bed. You can also store a foldable wheelbarrow in your trunk and use it to move groceries from the car to your kitchen.


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