4 basic tips for healthy plants

1. Location

The first essential step is to choose an appropriate location for your plant. Although it may seem obvious, some plants requiring several hours of sunlight per day are sometimes put in partially shaded locations.

2. Sunlight

Determine how much sunlight your plant needs every day: 8 hours (sunny location), 4 to 8 hours (partially shaded location), or 2 to 4 hours (shaded location without direct sunlight).

For example, some shade-loving plants should not be placed in the sun as their leaves could burn and their flowers could wilt. It is very important to place your plant in the right location so it gets the required amount of sunlight.

3. Watering

One of the advantages of peat-based soils is that their colour is a good indicator of when it's time to water your plant.

A darker soil (almost black) indicates there is no need to water your plant, while a paler soil (light brown in colour) indicates your plant needs water. You can also use your finger to check the moisture level beneath the surface.

4. Compaction

Avoid compacting the soil when you plant or transplant as this could create problems and negatively impact the soil's quality.

For example, too much compaction often results in poor drainage, which leads to waterlogging and a longer dry down period.


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