Gardening tips for beginners

You've been dreaming of trying your hand at gardening for years, but you have no idea where to begin? Here are a few simple tips that will help you take your first steps as an amateur gardener. Whether for vegetables, herbs, container plants or flowers, the following pieces of advice will initiate you to the joys of gardening. Who knows, this could be the spring of a new passion!

1-Be modest at first: Avoid aiming too high. Take it slow at first, giving yourself a little time to see whether you like gardening. For example, you could begin with two or three different herb varieties, or a small garden with four or five different vegetables. The same goes for flowers or container plants. Start with a few containers on your patio. It's better to take good care of a few plants and expand over time than to let a lot go untended.

2-Choose carefully: Having a hard time choosing which plants or vegetables to grow? Nothing could be simpler: select vegetables or herbs the members of your family enjoy eating! The same principle applies to flowers, trees and shrubs. It will be a lot easier to develop your passion for gardening if you grow plants that you like. For example, if your kids are crazy about cherries, plant a cherry tree! There are a lot of species to choose from. Just choose carefully, based on your tastes!

3-Ask questions: Don't be afraid to look for information. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a lot of relevant material can be found on the Internet. Obviously, the staff at your garden center is also a very valuable resource as they know a lot about gardening and the various plants and products available. Don't hesitate to ask questions, you'll be surprised how much information can be collected. Finally, visit your bookstore or library for all kinds of books and magazines on gardening and related subjects.

4-Location: If you're planning on starting a garden, you first need to think about its location. Light is of capital importance to grow healthy vegetables, so choose a location which benefits from enough hours of sunlight every day. This also applies to your container plants, flowerbeds and herbs. Also, make sure to choose a location that is easily accessible. For herbs that are grown indoors, it is recommended to place the containers near a south-facing window so they have a maximum of sunlight.

5-Garden: Here are a few more tips to help you start your garden: use an amendment such as the PRO-MIX Premium All Purpose mix to enrich the existing soil.

Whether you start with seed or seedlings, choose with care. Seed are an economical alternative, but keep in mind that seed which do not germinate are a waste of time and money. Go for quality, and make sure to follow all recommendations (e.g.: distance between seed). After all, your plants' health and survival are at stake.

6-Herbs: Considered to be easier to grow than vegetables, herbs are a good way to take your first steps as an amateur gardener. Whether grown in containers indoors or planted directly in the ground outdoors, your herbs will need light, water and a nutrient-rich soil. Indoors, make sure your containers have drainage holes so the excess water can run off. When the time comes to harvest, simply cut close to a joint to ensure regrowth goes smoothly.

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