Haskaps: berries that are easy to grow

Have you ever heard of haskaps? Haskaps are berries that resemble blueberries, but with a unique, distinctive taste. Increasingly popular, haskaps are very easy to grow.


"Growing haskaps is really easy"

Haskaps are a fascinating crop that is easy to grow anywhere in North America, as it is perfectly adapted to northern climates. Its flowers can tolerate temperatures of 20 °F, while the plant itself can resist temperatures of up to -53 °F!

Part of the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae), this plant produces pretty blue fruits with an oblong shape, much like elongated blueberries. At maturity, a haskap bush will reach about 5 feet in height.


The haskap's taste is somewhere between the blueberry's and the raspberry's, with a touch of acidity. Flowering takes place in early spring and fruits can be harvested just before strawberries.

This plant is little affected by diseases and insects. In fact, your greatest enemy is birds. Protect your haskap bush with netting if you're planning on enjoying its fruits!

Haskap bushes prefer sunny locations, although they can tolerate a little shade, and best results are achieved in well-drained soils with a pH between 5 and 8. As they are little demanding and easy to grow, why not plant a few and enjoy fruits that are hard to find in grocery stores?


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