How MYKE benefits your plants, flowers and trees

All MYKE growth supplements, namely MYKE FLOWER, MYKE VEGETABLE & HERB, and MYKE TREE & SHRUB, contain mycorrhizae, beneficial fungi that have been naturally present in soils for millions of years.

Mycorrhizae enter into a symbiotic relationship with a plant's roots. The fungi strengthen and extend the plant's root system, allowing it to more easily access the soil's nutrients. As it is better nourished, the plant grows faster and stronger, and its yield is more abundant.

Also, the MYKE growth supplements increase protection against pathogens, extreme weather conditions (drought, salinity), and diseases.


This product was specifically designed for the planting of annuals and perennials in pots, flowerbeds and planters. Just apply the product directly on the roots at planting, and it's done!


When the time comes to transplant your seedlings, apply a little MYKE VEGETABLE & HERB at the bottom of the planting hole or in the furrow, and make sure the roots come into contact with the product. Your plants will be stronger and more vigorous, and their yield more plentiful.


Designed to provide your trees and shrubs with a natural advantage, our MYKE TREE & SHRUB helps extend your plants' lifespan and reduces the stress caused by transplantation.

Here again, when applied near a plant's roots, the product will prolong the entire root system, allowing the plant to absorb more nutrients from the soil.


Other Tips

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