Tips to grow beautiful annuals

Fleurs marigolds et impatiens annuelles par MYKE

"Marigolds and impatiens ready to be planted."


Here are a few simple planting tips to start your annuals off on the right foot, and keep them looking their best all summer long.

  1. One to two weeks ahead of time, till your garden soil. This will fool weeds into thinking it’s time to start growing and then you can pull them before doing your planting.
  2. Keep annuals in a cool, lightly shaded area until ready to plant. Keep them watered until you’re ready to put them in, so the tender roots and shoots don’t dry out.
  3. When you’re ready to start planting, space the seedlings out in the garden, allowing enough room for each plant to reach its full size.
  4. Place each plant in its own hole, or dig a trench for a row of seedlings. Place the plants in carefully. Fill around the roots with dirt. Gently pat down the soil around your new plant. Water well.
  5. Apply mycorrhizae around plant’s roots to develop and reinforce the root system. After a few weeks.
  6. Use your plant’s specific fertilizer to feed it and encourage lots of top growth and with large brighter blooms.

Other Tips

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