Tips to grow tomatoes

Tips to grow your tomatoes in containers in your garden

Whether you grow your tomatoes in containers or in a garden, you want to have the best possible yield. Here are a few tips and tricks to grow healthy plants and harvest lots of tasty fruits!



Tomatoes love light, and for optimal growth, they need as much as possible every day. This must absolutely be considered when choosing where you will place your plants.



Tomatoes also love water. Water your plants two to three times a week, and once more during hot spells. Avoid touching the leaves with the water.



Ideally, the soil in which you plant your tomatoes should contain humus and compost. 

When planting or transplanting in the garden, bury the main stem some 5 to 6 inches below the surface.  If needed, cut the first and second pair of leaves at the bottom of the stem. This will help the plant develop a greater root system. 

Finally, you can use soil containing mycorrhizae, also called "mycorrhizal fungi". Mycorrhizae are a 100% natural and are beneficial for plant roots. They improve nutrient uptake, reduce water needs and strengthen plants so they can more easily deal with the elements.



A tomato plant requires weekly maintenance and monitoring. You can cut the suckers that grow at the junction of the stem and branches. 

Some like to do this manually by pinching the suckers between their thumb and forefinger. Fewer suckers mean more water and nutrients for the rest of the plant and its fruits.



Mulching your tomato plants has several benefits. Among others, it will insulate the soil, helping to keep its temperature constant. It also increases water retention and prevents weeds from emerging. Less work for you!


In containers 

If you prefer growing your tomato plants in containers, such as cherry tomatoes, use a potting soil containing a slow release fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen and potassium (letters N and K in the N-P-K formula indicated on soil and fertilizer labels). Look for the words "potting", "pot" or "container" on the packaging.


Other Tips

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